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My friends,

I have had a wonderful 10 years chronicling Connecticut's political gossip, rumors and tales of deceit but have decided to take a sabbatical.

Besides wanting the standard - spend more time with my family - Radiofree West Hartford's publishing software has become outdated.  The program no longer handshakes with the server making publishing difficult and the software does not support the long scripts necessary to accommodate our ever expanding dropdown menus and other desired additions to the website.

After taking several months off, I plan to begin designing a new version of Radiofree West Hartford and hope to return before the 2012 elections.

Many of our readers have requested a print version of Radiofree West Hartford and I will consider the somewhat unlikely option of creating a Connecticut conservative quarterly journal.   

Please keep us on your distribution lists - I'll be back.

God bless,

Donald J. Dodd

Kagan Will Be Confirmed

To put a negative spin on the old Gabriel Heatter introduction, there's no good news tonight. Elena Kagan will be confirmed as the new Supreme Court justice to replace retiring justice John Paul Stevens. The vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee will take place on July 13, after which the Kagan nomination will go to the full Senate for confirmation. Rest assured, it's all window dressing, for the decision has been made already. It's already a done deal. In the end, it all comes down to pure mathematics: Democrats outnumber Republicans in the Senate, and the Democrats already have made up their minds to confirm Kagan. The best Republicans can do is to filibuster, and we already have a strong signal from Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) that this will not happen. So like it or not, Elena Kagan is the new justice. The confirmation will merely make it all official.

By Tim Siggia 07/31/10


Barack Obama:

A Bill of Indictment

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! All those with business before the court of public opinion will draw near. A bill of indictment has been issued for Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America. It is a call for justice from the people of the United States who allege that he is engaged in the destruction of their nation.

By Alan Caruba 06/28/10


Are Establishment Republicans

Allergic To Leadership?

On January 2, 1995, after eighteen days of a budget standoff between the new Republican congressional majorities and President Bill Clinton, Senator Majority Leader Bob Dole uttered his infamous "Enough is enough!" capitulation, essentially sounding the death knell of the short-lived "Republican Revolution." Under the leadership of Dole, along with House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R.-GA), the Republicans were on the cusps of a major redirection in the role and scope of the federal government. But unfortunately, they were not up to the task.

By Christopher Adamo 06/28/10


BP and the Unmitigated Disaster

The Gulf of Mexico could turn into a giant dead zone if some means cannot be found to staunch the flow of oil and toxic gases emerging from the damaged well beneath the Deepwater Horizon. Industry insiders who understand the engineering of wells are beginning to speak openly among themselves of an unmitigated disaster.

By Alan Caruba 06/22/10


Making Good

Science Decisions

I can't help but praise Michael Specter's new book: Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives. Specter warns that we live in a world where the leaders of African nations prefer to let their citizens starve to death rather than import genetically-modified food grains. Childhood vaccines have proven to be the most effective public health measure in history, yet people march on Washington to protest their use. Fifty years ago pharmaceutical companies were regarded as vital supports for our good health and lengthening life spans; now they are seen as callous corporate enemies of health and the environment.

By Dennis Avery 06/18/10


Sometimes A Cell Phone Is Not Just A Cell Phone

Noted shrink, Dr. Sigmund Freud once allegedly quipped, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." A sage observation, indeed, but had cell phones existed in Freud's day, I doubt he would say the same of these profoundly diverse, yet bizarre little electronic gems of wizardry.   To speak intelligently of any subject, one should first try to define it. As an aficionado himself, I doubt Dr. Freud had much confusion over what a cigar was, but as an inhabitant of a far more modern and allegedly more sophisticated era, impeded by still having one foot and four toes firmly implanted in the stone age, I just can't quite get my head around this whole cell phone phenomenon. For starters, are they tools, toys, or some kind of enigma?

By Doug Wrenn 06/16/10


Obama Should Kick His Own

(Expletive Deleted) First!

Even the Trojans of Triviality in the "main" (left) stream press and media are now in an uproar because in an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, Obie The Wonder One took umbrage to the question on America's collective mind, of which Lauer inferred, "What's he been doing all this time regarding the oil spill in the Gulf?" The thin skinned President/pop star, now losing his gleam along with his popularity (currently 48% job approval rating, as per lambasted back that he was in Louisiana talking to fishermen a month before the "talking heads" started paying attention, and that he talks to "experts" to know whose "ass" to kick. Osama's "ass" kicking has now become Bush's "Bring it on!" Although I do doubt that anyone will label this urban Chicago political machine hack and Acorn Alinskyite a "cowboy" any time soon. Sigh! Where to begin?

By Doug Wrenn 06/14/10


Help Peter Schiff to get on the Republican Ballot

The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of ideas. The understood, often toted phrase is that the Republican Party is the Government Of the People. So given that our recent Connecticut Republican Convention seemed to be much less about ideals and substance, and more about backroom politics and last minute deals to make name recognition far more important than political positions and historic donating and voting records (with a few notable exceptions which I will get to in later posts), that its high time to work toward reminding our Republican State Party Chairman Chris Healy and his cronies that just because he and a select few have lost their way, doesn't mean the rest of us are unprincipled.

By Tom Evers 06/08/10


Pay Attention to

Sunspot Forecasts

The sun is currently producing fewer sunspots than it has in more than a century. Florida State researchers tell us this may predict bad U.S. hurricane seasons. They say that when the sunspot numbers peak, within the (roughly) 11-year sunspot cycle, the U.S. has less than a 25 percent chance of being hit with a hurricane. The odds of a hurricane rise to 64 percent in the lowest-sunspot years. Even more important, the probability of three or more hurricanes hitting the U.S. in a season increases dramatically during low-sunspot periods.

By Dennis Avery 06/07/10

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